Sal Mellino

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HOF Registration Date: 07/17/2017

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About Me

I am a proud father of 2 young guys who have taught me a lot encouraging children to participate and succeed in sports. During their younger years, I researched different coaching resources and well as drawing on my own personal experience to find techniques that work. I consider myself a new coach, rich with enthusiasm and positive attitude reinforcement approach. My goals are to coach so that I enjoy it, and more importantly that young kids enjoy the time they spend with me, and want to come back to the next session. With training from HoF Coaching program, leadership courses, color personality profile studies and being a manager in real life I am ready to tackle the next challenge. I enjoy time with recreational sports rather than competitive leagues.


Title: Other
Coached: Soccer
Years: 20
Age Group: 5 & Under
Size of Team: 10
City: Calgary


Name of Certification:
HoF Training

Year Obtained:



Sport: Soccer

Ages: 10-13